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(Berlin, born 1954)


Allemagne chute du mur, 1989

Medium: Photography


1 Mai 1987, vluchtende vlaggenparade Oost Berlijn, Alexanderplatz

 Format 39 x 26,5 cm

Tirage au gélatino-bromure d'argent (Cachet au dos)

Provenance: Collection privée.

Biographie: Serie de portrait sur la russie 1989

Harald Hauswald was born in 1954 and is one of the founders of the photo press agency OSTKREUZ. After an apprenticeship as a photographer he moved to East Berlin in 1977 and he was admitted to the Association of Visual Artists of the GDR (VBK). The social interest, along with his artistic ambition, made him an important photographer of the East in a very short time. As the first GDR-photographer he anonymously published photo reports in Western magazines such as GEO, Zeitmagazin, or the Taz. After the fall of the wall he was awarded the Order of Merit and the Grand Cross with star and ribbon of the order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. His works have been awarded with over 250 solo exhibitions in the United States, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as a wide range of publications in East Berlin. In 1987 I have personally smuggled this photo by Harald to the West. This smuggling was necessary because he had gotten a "Berufsverbote" by the East German regime. A copy of this photo, in large size, can be found in the Reichstag in Berlin where the history of Germany is displayed. The backside of the photo has a stamp showing the content © Harald Hauswald, Choriner str. 4 1054 Berlin/DDR. Added with pen or marker; 1. Mai-demo/platzregen. Next to the name ‘Harald Hauswald’ in a stamped ink letter, there are three dark blue stripes. They cover the text: c/o CH. Jungeblodt Bankleitzahl Konto -nummer- 219.3207926-5. This West German photographer also smuggled photos by Hauswald from the GDR and sold these to German Media and the yield was deposited on his bank account number. Afterwards Jungeblodt brought the money through the wall to Hauswald in cash, and handed it over. Hauswald added this information to many of his photos so he could hand them over to Jungeblodt whenever he came to East Berlin, and thus provide the German media with more photos. Usually this did not work!

Pays:  Allemagne

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